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Despite the new name, the network has been in existence since 1952 when virologists at three separate institutes situation within a 3 mile radius in Wiltshire decided to hold regular meetings to share information and maximise their research. These three centres (DSTL, PHE-Porton and the now defunct Common Cold Unit) formed a network called the South Wilts Virus Group (SWVG) as all were based in South Wiltshire. These meetings proved extremely successful and several other institutes and local universities joined the network, and despite the majority of partners being from locations far removed from South Wiltshire, the network kept the name for more than six decades due to the historical attachment of SWVG.

In 2017, a decision was taken to rename the network as SWVG no longer reflected the participants of a network that now stretched from Plymouth and Bristol in the west, to Sussex and Kent in east. The decision to rename was taken with a heavy-heart as SWVG had been a mainstay of thousands of researchers careers for several decades, but the new moniker (Southern England Virology Network) offered the potential to expand this network in ways that were not possible when SWVG was originally formed in the 1950s.

Unfortunately, details of most of the 100+ past SWVG meetings are consigned to the memories of those who attended, but records that have survived are listed below. We intend to record as much information as possible from SEVN meetings going forward!


19 September 2108 - The Pirbright Institute (poster)

24 May 2018 - Oxford Brookes (poster)

08 March 2018 - DSTL (poster)

30 November 2017 - APHA (poster)

06 September 2017 - NIBSC (poster)

09 June 2017 - PHE Porton (details)

25 January 2017 - University of Surrey (poster)

3 February 2016- The Pirbright Institute (poster)

22 September 2015- Dstl, Porton Down (poster)

21 April 2015- University of Oxford, Department of Zoology (poster)

22 January 2015- Animal and Plant Health Agency (poster)

12 February 2014- The Pirbright Institute (poster)

24 October 2013- Dstl, Porton Down (poster)

14 December 2011 - HPA, Porton Down (poster)

6 Sep 2011 - AHVLA-Weybridge (poster)

25 May 2011 - IAH-Pirbright (poster)

14 Nov 2007Dstl, Porton Down (download PDF poster; location map)

25 Oct 2006University of Reading (download PDF poster)

24 May 2006Health Protection Agency, Porton Down (download PowerPoint poster)

5 October 2005Institute for Animal Health (IAH), Pirbright Laboratory (download PowerPoint poster)

25 May 2005Veterinary Laboratories Agency, Weybridge, Surrey (download Word poster)

16 June 2004CEH, Oxford (download Word poster)

1 October 2003University of Reading (download Word poster)

9 July 2003Institute for Animal Health (IAH), Compton (download Word poster)

30 April 2003CAMR, Porton Down (download PowerPoint poster)

2 October 2002CEH Oxford (download PowerPoint poster)

22 May 2002Dstl Porton Down (download PowerPoint poster)

7 November 2001Institute for Animal Health (IAH), Pirbright Laboratory (download PowerPoint poster)

27 June 2001Veterinary Laboratories Agency, Weybridge, Surrey

14 March 2001University of Reading

18 October 2000Institute for Animal Health (IAH), Compton (download B&W MS Word Poster or colour MS PowerPoint poster)

7 June 2000CAMR, Porton Down (download PowerPoint poster)

6 October 1999Institute of Virology and Environmental Microbiology, Oxford

16 June 1999Chemical and Biological Defence Establishment (CBDE), Porton Down

24 March 1999Institute for Animal Health (IAH), Pirbright Laboratory

23 September 1998Institute for Animal Health (IAH), Compton

1 July 1998University of Reading

25 March 1998CAMR, Porton Down

8 October 1997Central Veterinary Laboratory, New Haw, Addlestone, Surrey

25 June 1997Institute of Virology and Environmental Microbiology, Oxford

19 March 1997Institute for Animal Health (IAH), Pirbright Laboratory (Chairman's Report)

9 October 1996Chemical and Biological Defence Establishment (CBDE), Porton Down

19 June 1996University of Reading

20 March 1996Institute of Virology and Environmental Microbiology, Oxford

27 September 1995Institute for Animal Health (IAH), Compton

History of SEVN and past meetings: Research
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